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Effluent Tank Emptying in Swansea

High-quality effluent tank emptying services are what Wet Waste Wales prides itself on. Alongside cesspit emptying, we offer an efficient, productive services at all times for clients in Swansea and South Wales who are looking for waste tank emptying and cleaning specialists. We also cover many locations throughout the rest of the UK.


On this page, we’ve produced some Q&A’s to help those in Swansea who would like to know more about cesspit tank emptying and effluent tank emptying.



What is an effluent tank?

An effluent tank is another name for septic tank. It is a holding tank designed to receive sewage and is primarily a wet waste separation system. The tank holds the content for a period of time before a clarified effluent is released to soak away. The anaerobic bacterium develops in the tank to decompose and mineralise the waste.


The sewage that enters the tank becomes septic, hence the name. Once settled, we will carry out effluent tank emptying at your Swansea premises to remove septic wet waste.


How often should I have effluent tank emptying?

It all depends on the amount of waste being deposited. Much like we do with our cesspit tank emptying services, we’re able to carry out ad-hoc or scheduled effluent tank cleaning services in Swansea on a weekly, monthly or periodical basis.


How should I maintain my septic tank?

Don’t worry too much because we’ll take care of most of the maintenance but there are a few things you can do to help us. Do not connect rain or surface water feeds to the tank and, if a pump is fitted, we’ll make sure it’s cleaned and checked on a regular basis.


All cesspit emptying services in Swansea are run on similar lines so your co-operation is welcomed. Wet Waste Wales lends itself to high quality servicing at all times. That’s why our position as one of the UK’s market leaders in waste tank emptying is duly deserved.


Do you carry out cesspit tank emptying as well?

Yes. Our cesspit tank emptying services are carried out slightly differently but with the same professionalism and with a fleet of specialist vehicles. All cesspit emptying work in and around your Swansea property is carried out safely and efficiently.


How do I book a vehicle to carry our effluent tank emptying at my Swansea plant?

Call our office between Monday and Saturday. You’ll be able to talk to one of our team about effluent tank emptying, cesspit emptying or any other waste tank emptying services we provide in Swansea and the surrounding areas of South Wales.



If you would like further information about effluent tank emptying in Swansea or South Wales, dial 01656 665542. We will be only too happy to help you.

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