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Wokingham Wet Waste embrace new technology and the very latest equipment available in order to deliver real added value to our clients – aspiring to develop solutions that meet our client’s individual needs with a fleet of specialist equipment and vehicles to transport and dispose of all liquid waste.


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Wokingham Wet Waste is one of the countries leading Waste Management companies in the UK, embracing new technology and the very latest...

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Waste Tank Emptying in Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales

A1 Wet Waste (Wales) is a proud subsidiary of the A1 Group, a supplier of waste tank emptying services to all locations in South Wales. Areas covered by our company include Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport and Swansea. We perform cesspit tank emptying and effluent tank emptying alongside a full range of wet waste management services, which include portable toilet hire and drain unblocking.


Customers in the West of England, including those in Bristol and Gloucester, can also book in for cesspit emptying and septic tank emptying with A1 Wet Waste (Wales).


A waste tank emptying service does one of two things. Firstly, it helps our customers and clients to have effluent wet waste cleared efficiently and affordably, and in a manner that has minimal environmental impact. Secondly, through scheduled cleaning and maintenance, there is less potential for problems and less likelihood for costly repair work.


Call us today on 0118 989 4652 and have your cesspit emptying needs met by independent market leader with an excellent reputation in Bridgend, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Newport, Swansea and all surrounding areas.


Our services include:


  • Cesspit Tank Emptying
  • Septic Tank Emptying
  • Waste Tank Emptying
  • Effluent Tank Emptying
  • Cesspit and Tank Cleaning
  • Portable Toilet Hire
  • CCTV Drain Surveys
  • Drain Repair Services
  • Drain Clearance Services


A1 Wet Waste (Wales) has its own fleet of vacuum tankers, with large capacities, which we use for cesspit tank emptying, effluent tank emptying and waste tank cleaning. These services are just a small representation of what we can do for you as a company. We also survey, clear and repair traditional drainage systems to maintain sanitary conditions around homes, businesses and sites. We even clear effluent waste from social gatherings, concerts, gigs, festivals and outdoor events.


You may need to book in for cesspit emptying or septic tank emptying if you notice any of the following issues:


  • Unpleasant odours in the tank’s vicinity
  • Rapid plant growth around the tank area
  • Pooling water around the drain field
  • Slow-draining sinks and toilets
  • Sludge and scum residues in the water overflow


A1 Wet Waste (Wales) can help with all of these issues, and more, with a cesspit emptying service that we recommend on a scheduled basis, or as needed, based on frequency of use at your Bridgend, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Newport or Swansea property.


We undertake septic tank emptying and effluent waste emptying work in an organised manner that minimises disruption for the customer, and which clears lines, soakaways and tank walls of the deposits that cause odours, pooling water issues and long-term system damage.


Call us now to arrange cesspit tank emptying, waste tank emptying and drainage clearance services, and let A1 Wet Waste (Wales) maintain the best possible conditions, anywhere in South Wales or the West of England.


Call A1 Wet Waste (Wales) on 0118 989 4652 for cesspit emptying services in Bridgend, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Newport and Swansea.

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