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Wokingham Wet Waste embrace new technology and the very latest equipment available in order to deliver real added value to our clients – aspiring to develop solutions that meet our client’s individual needs with a fleet of specialist equipment and vehicles to transport and dispose of all liquid waste.


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Wokingham Wet Waste is one of the countries leading Waste Management companies in the UK, embracing new technology and the very latest...

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Cesspit Tank Emptying in Bridgend, Bristol and the Surrounding Areas

Before calling A1 Wet Waste (Wales) to discuss your cesspit emptying needs, make sure you know which type of installation you have. A cesspit and a septic tank are not one and the same thing. It is important to differentiate between the two. A cesspit doesn’t have an outlet and is only a holding tank for effluent wet waste. It cannot treat or discharge sewage in the same way as a treatment plant, and it won’t have the basic treatment facilities of a septic tank.


Our company, a proud subsidiary of the A1 Group, can help you to maintain sanitary conditions, anywhere in the Bridgend, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Newport and Swansea areas, with versatile cesspit tank emptying services tailored to your requirements.


We also cover other locations in South Wales and the West of England.


The Cesspit Emptying Procedure


Because a cesspit doesn’t have a drainage outlet to divert wet waste into a soakaway, it needs emptying on a more frequent basis instead of annually. To prevent overflows and a build-up of solid waste, we strongly recommend that you book in for cesspit tank emptying every 45 days as a minimum. This level of frequency will keep your installation working efficiently.


Keep in mind that a cesspit is only a holding container and cannot discharge its contents as it fills. If you don’t book in for cesspit emptying at the recommended intervals, you could experience overflow or odour issues which make conditions unsanitary.


This poses an obvious threat to human health.


A1 Wet Waste (Wales) can dispatch vacuum tankers to Bridgend, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Newport, Swansea and the surrounding areas. We safely drain the contents of cesspits and manage effluent wet waste in a manner that is not only ethical, but also good for the environment.


Please contact us on 0118 989 4652 to book in for cesspit tank emptying at rates that very few of our competitors in South Wales, or the West of England, can match for affordability.


The benefits of cesspit emptying include:


  • Reduced accumulation of solid waste
  • Less likelihood of overflow
  • Removal of bad odours
  • Efficient cesspit performance
  • Lower ongoing repair costs
  • Fewer issues with water contamination


If you need a regular cesspit tank emptying service, and if you have a property or an upcoming event in Bridgend, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Newport or Swansea, the team at A1 Wet Waste (Wales) can help you to keep conditions at their best.


We make cesspit emptying easier for our customers and clients with structured service delivery that minimises disruption, and which keeps your home, business or site sanitary through ongoing maintenance at scheduled intervals.


Call A1 Wet Waste (Wales) on 0118 989 4652 for cesspit tank emptying services in Bridgend, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Newport and Swansea.

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